10 Breakthrough Solana Projects to Watch in 2022

Solana has been one of the year’s biggest crypto success stories. Officially launched in March, 2020 — a month synonymous with the Covid-19 outbreak and subsequent lockdowns — the high-throughput blockchain defied unfortunate timing to make an instant impression, eventually becoming a top 5, then top 10 cryptocurrency by market cap.

In under two years, the layer-1 protocol has attracted a wealth of developer talent and evolved to support over 350 projects, many of them dedicated to decentralized finance (DeFi), NFTs and Web3. Solana’s success has even caught the eye of the world’s largest digital currency asset manager, which recently launched a Solana Trust to provide wealthy clients with exposure to SOL. Amazingly, the value of Solana’s native token has soared by over $15,000 this year alone.

Solana’s success has been due to its appeal for allowing for fast transaction speeds at a low cost, especially when compared to other popular chains. Ahead of its upcoming two-year anniversary, let’s take a closer look at ten Solana projects worth watching in 2022.

1. Solice

A project that combines social, gaming and crypto elements, Solice is the first open world VR metaverse built on Solana. Within its immersive virtual world, players can construct and monetize mini-games, earn crypto rewards for completing quests and clearing dungeons, and sell all assets they earn and accrue via the integrated marketplace. Unlike many of its competitors, Solice features a custom SDK that enables users to create their very own NFTs for use in the game. The project’s promise was reflected by a recent funding round that saw it raise over $4m from a clutch of esteemed VCs.

2. Nova

A winner of Solana’s 2021 summer hackathon, Nova
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