A DeFi Revolution: Using AI & Data-Driven Insights for Smarter Crypto Investments

The term decentralized finance or DeFi was first used on a Telegram chat between Ethereum developers and entrepreneurs, including Inje Yeo of Set Protocol, Brendan Forster of Dharma, and Blake Henderson of 0x in August 2018. DeFi takes the decentralized concept of the blockchain and applies it to the world of finance, including a range of services like savings, trading, insurance, and loans.

Today, the most popular application in the DeFi space is the cryptocurrency market. While individuals and organizations are interested in trading and saving crypto assets, the volatile nature of the market is a major deterrent. Crypto market volatility is largely caused by different perceptions about the value of crypto, as well as its unsteady legal status in various countries.

In an attempt to adapt to the volatility of the crypto market, many investors and traders have recently started considering the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to make more profitable trading decisions. AI generally refers to machines that respond to stimulation in a similar manner as humans, given the human abilities of contemplation, judgement, and intention. AI is not futuristic, but rather something already here today and integrated with fields like national security, health care, criminal justice, transportation, and smart cities.

This article will explain how AI can be applied in the DeFi space to make data-driven decisions for smarter cryptocurrency investments.

AI for accurate crypto market Predictions

With the upsurge in investment options, it is no longer efficient to conduct manual research, extraction, and analysis to identify investment opportunities and buy or sell indications.

Large mainstream financial organizations like Goldman, Citi, and Barclays, have already started implementing AI into their workflows, and small to medium-sized enterprises are following suit.

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