A Look at the First Medical Metaverse

2 min readDec 9, 2021
A Look at the First Medical Metaverse

Aimedis is a platform that offers health services and is used by patients, healthcare professionals, and institutions. It’s also the world’s first medical and scientific NFT marketplace supported by AIMX tokens.

Aimedis will soon launch AIMSocial, a blockchain platform for patients to support each other and share experiences about treatments, diseases, and related information. Along with that, there will be an e-pharmacy and virtual hospital. The Aimedis Social Media Network will also have doctors, nurses, and other healthcare specialists supporting patients.

Have a look at the first demo of Aimedis Alpha Hospital — The Department of Radiology.

“Alpha Hospital of the Aimedis Virtual Hospital Chain in the Metaverse — the first one of it’s kind. This room will not only help you learn about the possibilities an MRI offers but also gives patients the opportunity to fight their fear of being inside an MRI using Virtual Reality,”

the video’s description reads.

On The Flipside

- Through the metaverse, Aimedis challenges the way patients and healthcare specialists interact and process information.

- As written in Aimedis’ blog, “Metaverse applications in surgical and clinic-based scenarios can expand access for patients while allowing doctors to treat more patients.”


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