A New Day for DeFi: Bancor 3 Features Unveiled, “Dawn” Launch Coming Soon

Bancor 3 introduces new features that aim to increase trading volume and make it easier and cheaper for everyday users to earn on their favorite tokens. By removing impermanent loss risk for depositors in Bancor V2.1, the protocol has already distinguished itself in the market as a true “set and forget” staking product for token holders seeking safe and reliable yields. Bancor 3 takes this design principle a step further. As professional, high-frequency users converge on DeFi, Bancor contributors have said that maintaining level playing-fields for everyday users is crucial to preserving decentralized liquidity markets.

Bancor 3 highlights:

An “Omnipool” that allows for all trades on the network to occur in a single transaction. Bancor’s previous version required trades to be processed via BNT, creating an extra transaction and added gas costs compared with competing DEXs. Omnipool will reduce gas costs and enable Bancor to attract more trading fees with the same level of liquidity, making the protocol more capital efficient.




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