Austrian Post Builds the Future of Digital Stamp Collecting

Austrian Post Builds the Future of Digital Stamp Collecting

PRESS RELEASE. Austrian Post, the national postal service of Austria, has announced the launch of its latest product called Crypto stamp art (CSA), which is based on the Ethereum blockchain. The shift to focus on going digital first is significant, since Austrian Post is a major player in the blockchain industry and have successfully sold out several iterations of Crypto stamps since 2019. Previous generations of Crypto stamps, however, mostly centered the sale around the physical stamp which was accompanied by its digital twin.

The launch of the CSA is planned on July 22, 2022, after releasing the associated physical special stamp block on July 1. Collectors can purchase 2,500 CSA Mystery Boxes exclusively on

Each digital mystery box contains 4 non-fungible tokens (NFTs), a special stamp block and a physical trading card, known as a special art stamp. Each NFT has colour values distributed with different frequencies with increasing rarity.

Rarities include:

Red: 100 editions | 1% rarity.

Yellow: 1000 editions | 10% rarity.

Blue: 3000 editions | 30% rarity.

Rose: 5896 editions | 58.96% rarity.

Purple/Green/Turquoise/Friedrich: 1 edition each | 0.01% rarity.

It is important to note that only buyers of the mystery boxes will receive an exclusive physical art stamp after purchase.

What makes the unique art stamp so special?

This exclusive art card is a strictly limited trading card that is equipped with various security features and an NFC chip. Additionally, it can be broken in the middle. The right side shows an artwork imprint, while the left side can be used as a conventional stamp.

Bridging the gap between the traditional and digital world with classic stamps

The first edition of the CSA is a modern reinterpretation of the Merkur newspaper stamps from 1851.The original series appeared in four colour values. Unfortunately, only very few specimens of the Red Mercury remain today, making it one of the rarest stamps in Europe and by far the most valuable stamp in Austria.

Josef Anxmann, a copper engraver, designed the original stamps in the 19th century. Encode Graphics together with Ari Pratama and PR1MAL CYPHER, a famous Austrian digital artist and NFT expert, designed the new edition in 2022. The new special stamp block with a nominal value of 3.70 euros was issued 150,000 times. It is available in all post offices, under



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