Blankos Block Party at E3: One of the Biggest Triumph of Crypto Blockchain Gaming in 2021

Blankos Block Party at E3: One of the Biggest Triumph of Crypto Blockchain Gaming in 2021

The Electronic Entertainment Expo, aka E3, is one of the most anticipated gaming events annually. Moreover, it’s no longer a place for just geeks nowadays. Cosplay, gaming merch, and dazzling presentations featuring famous people, such as Keanu Reeves, have already become a regular, even expected part of the culture of such events. That being the case, the appearance of blockchain games during E3 was a huge triumph for the industry, in my humble opinion.

Even though, in 2021, the expo was held online due to the world’s ongoing situation, it gave smaller gaming studios the opportunity to take to gaming’s biggest stage, while not spending too much on the costs that inherently come with a physical presence.

Mythical Games, the developers of Blankos Block Party, is the pioneering fearless studio that took the approach of creating regular games with the invisible implementations of blockchain. They managed to create the first AAA-level game with characters and items authenticated as non fungible tokens and were able to present it at the biggest global gaming conference, E3.

Blankos Block Party takes many features of a massive online party game and combines them with an in-game builder mode built using NFTs and blockchain technology, and including collecting features, inspired by numerous artists working on the visuals. This marked the first time in history that an NFT-blockchain game would take to such a big stage.

Although Blankos Block Party was announced several years ago, players were only given the opportunity to try it out this summer. Since then, the game has passed through several early access phases, opened its marketplace, and won the hearts and minds of many players.

Check out the E3 presentation of the game here:


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