Blankos Block Party is Launching Ethereum Bridge, Opening the Way to Most Wallets and Marketplaces

“Better safe than sorry” or a “stitch in time saves nine”. These were definitely the main mottos of Mythical Games during their journey.

After their big debut at E3 2021, some gaming press even named the project “an NFT Trojan Horse for the video game industry,” which was not far from the truth. It was one of the first times NFT gaming took to the big stage.

Moreover, Mythical Games adopted a proper way of making blockchain games: they released working games first for people to check whether they’d like the gameplay and added crypto, NFTs, and other features after. Unfortunately, most developers are doing the opposite nowadays.

Today, Blankos Block Party passed one more big milestone: bridging from the native Mythical Chain to Ethereum blockchain. In short, this means you can store your in-game NFTs in Ethereum wallets such as Metamask and buy/sell them on Ethereum marketplaces, including OpenSea. Sadly, gas fees are applicable in this case.

Blankos Block Party is an MMO platform battle royale game with all the gameplay features powered by a blockchain.

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Previous updates in Blankos Block Party development:

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