Cardingo — a Curated Designer NFT Marketplace and Series for Cardano

Cardingo - a Curated Designer NFT Marketplace and Series for Cardano

PRESS RELEASE. Sydney, Australia — Cardingo is an NFT series and Cardano NFT marketplace that has secretly been in the works for months. While the world waited for Cardano smart contracts, the Cardingo team busily went to work on a series of NFTs and a unique marketplace to satisfy the tastes of Cardano fans worldwide.

CNFTs started selling long before smart contracts. Platforms like and have offered CNFTs for months. They have been so successful in fact the platforms are inundated with an overwhelming and constant flow. Cardingo aims to stand out by providing a curated marketplace, which mints NFTs only by selected artists. This brings a unique and exclusive touch and Cardingo will always be searching for additional high-quality art and high profile artists to join the platform. Extra effort is being applied into seeking Aboriginal art and artists to expand their income potential and help share their culture and history with the world.


In addition to a solid CNFT Marketplace, Cardingo aims to be a loyal defender devoted to stomping out Cardano Fud. This playful, yet serious side gig, will offer Cardano fans a new mascot to root on and cheer as the new era of Cardano takes hold.


The Cardingo NFT Platform will launch with a carefully developed series of NFTs:

- HoskeyChains are the first collection that offers computer-generated keychains in a huge variety of Cardano-inspired characters.

- HoskeySmokeys offers artist-generated pixel animations that depict the beloved hero Charles Hoskinson in an animated pixel that literally blows smoke.

Do you think the metaliums ( project should be minted on Cardano on its first drop?

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