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The majority of crypto coins that displayed remarkable rally in ‘Uptomber’ have now entered a correction phase in November. However, these minor pullbacks are ideally a one-step-back to another two-step forward rally, and therefore provide some excellent opportunities to buy your favorite crypto coin at a cheaper price. Check out the price analysis for these crypto coins.

BTC Coin Price Is Plunged To 0.382 Fibonacci Retracement Level

TradingView Chart

Source- BTC/USD chart by Tradingview

The technical chart of the BTC coin displays a clear uptrend of higher highs and lower highs. This rally made a New All-Time High of $69k on November 10th, and after experiencing significant selling pressure at this level, the coin entered a retracement phase.

The coin price is plunged to a crucial support zone of $53650-$53000, which is also the same level as the previous swing high level and the 0.382 FIB level. However, the price action has not yet signaled sufficient demand pressure from this level, and therefore, the safe traders can wait till the price breaches the 60K resistance level for better confirmation.

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