Coin Healthcheck: Newton Project (NEW)

Coin Healthcheck: Newton Project (NEW)


The Newton Project has a precise goal in mind: to create a new kind of community economy that involves the interaction of humans and smart technologies. It is aiming to build an infrastructure that could improve the enterprise economy by offering a different method of governance, collaboration, and incentive services. The founders expect the Newton Project to benefit all contributing parties.

Named after the legendary scientist, and founder of the gold standard system, Issac Newton, the Newton Project was launched by the Singapore-registered Newton Foundation in early 2019.

The Newton Project comes with its native token: NEW.

State of the Project

Newton has a full-stack technology architecture: 1. An underlying public chain — NewChain, 2. A distributed storage service — New Net and New IoT, 3. The protocol layer “The Hyper Exchange Protocol” and 4. The application layer.

Newton’s first decentralized app, ‘NewMall’, is the first global blockchain-based e-commerce platform that enables P2P buying and selling transactions.

The Newton Project uses a Proof of Authority (PoA) consensus mechanism, which requires a limited number of validators, and thus needs a low volume of electricity in order to provide computational power to the network.

The NEW token is used for payment transactions and smart-contract executions.

The token operates on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

The Whitepaper

The whitepaper comes in 19 languages.

The whitepaper comes as pdf file which is automatically downloaded to your computer whenever you click to open it.

2018 was the last time the Newton Project’s whitepaper was updated.
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