Coinlocally Is Building a Hub for Cryptocurrency Trade and Investment

Coinlocally Is Building a Hub for Cryptocurrency Trade and Investment

Coinlocally, a new generation cryptocurrency exchange offering advanced financial services, is striving to create a safe, reliable, and stable environment for traders worldwide.

The crypto startup leverages blockchain technology as the foundation for its proposed next-gen financial ecosystem, through which Coinlocally intends to realize its vision of eliminating financial barriers, evolving the global economy, and ultimately changing the world for the better.

Notably, Coinlocally offers dynamic, advanced trading services, and is positioning to be “the home of cryptocurrency trading,” as stated on its official website. Besides the classic services for buying and selling cryptocurrencies, the hybrid exchange (i.e., CEX & DEX) also provides users with the ability to explore options for other financial instruments, such as spot and futures trading.

But that’s not all. The platform boasts backing from top dogs in the industry, like Binance and Mercuryo, both of which are dedicated to enabling safe, secure crypto/fiat transactions, while ensuring open and mutual connection across the board.

To explain further, Coinlocally entered into the partnerships with the aforementioned brands with the aim of achieving two major goals at different levels. Firstly, the partnership with Binance enables the crypto platform to leverage its in-depth market for spot and futures trading, in addition to generating trust among its global network of users.

Currently, users can explore Coinlocally’s future platform and take advantage of USD-M and BUSD options, which offer up to 125X leverage. Essentially, Coinlocally operates as an exchange broker for Binance, which enables them to tailor future offerings to those of Binance, further implying that users will have the ability to trade all manner of perpetual contracts from Binance from within the Coinlocally platform.

Coinlocally is also able to fully leverage the fiat services of Binance side by side with those of Mercuryo, which brings a full-fledged fintech API to the table. For their part, Mercuryo provides Coinlocally with a wide range of financial services, made accessible via a single API integration.

By partnering with Mercuryo, the hybrid crypto exchange is able to leverage a suite of fintech services spanning across payment processing, fiat-to-crypto exchange processes, regulation and compliance, scam protection, server support for processing transactions, and payment security via blockchain monitoring.

Interestingly, there is more to Coinlocally besides being an hybrid crypto exchange platform with advanced financial services. Among other features, the platform also facilitates access to instant conversion, yield farming (i.e.,
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