Crypto Flipsider News — Facebook to Allow More Crypto Ads, Plan B Says Bitcoin Will Hit $100k, Terra Overtakes Shiba, BoA Says Metaverse Is Massive Opportunity, Katana Now Second-Largest DEX

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- Facebook Will Allow More Crypto Advertising, Jack Dorsey Rebrands Square, Changes Name to Block Inc.

- Bitcoin Update: PlanB Makes New Prediction, Fidelity Moves Bitcoin ETF to Canada, User Loses $50 Million

- Altcoin Update: Terra Overtakes Shiba Inu, Filecoin’s Computing Power Declines

- BoA: The Metaverse Is a Massive Opportunity, $106 Million Worth of Metaverse Land Sold in a Week

- One Month After Launch, Katana Dex Becomes Second Largest DEX

Facebook Will Allow More Crypto Advertising, Jack Dorsey Rebrands Square to Block Inc.

Following its corporate rebrand from Facebook to Meta, there were hints that Facebook would become more open to cryptos. Meta has confirmed that, announcing that it will now accept more crypto and blockchain ads on Instagram and Facebook.

Retreating from its crypto ban policy, Meta has expanded its eligibility requirements for crypto and blockchain firms. Meta’s new policies now recognize 27 regulatory licenses from advertisers, up from its previous three, meaning more crypto firms can advertise on Instagram and Facebook.

Bitcoin evangelist and co-founder of Twitter and Square, Jack Dorsey, has set out on the journey of ‘making Bitcoin more than an investment.’ After stepping down as Twitter CEO, Dorsey has announced that Square is changing its corporate name to Block Inc.

The Square Crypto service has also gotten a new name, Spiral. According to Dorsey, the name was changed because having “crypto” in its name led to confusion, as Square is focused solely on Bitcoin.

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