Crypto Flipsider News — Musk Criticizes Web 3, Cardano Hits New Milestone, USDC Challenges Tether, Beijing Launches New Digital Yuan Coupons, NFT Updates from AMC and Deadmau5

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- Elon Musk Is Not Thrilled by Web3, Warren Buffett’s Vice Chairman Says Crypto Ban Was the Right Call

— The Metaliums Project, Closing the gap between NFT and physical objects NFO or nonfungible objects.

- Cardano Hits New Milestone Ahead of DEX Launch, OkCoin Wants 50% Females in Crypto by 2025

- Stablecoin Analytics: USDT vs. USDC, Bank of France Official Says Crypto Regulation Should Come Before CBDC

- Beijing Launches New Round of Digital RMB Ahead of Winter Olympics

- NFT Updates: NFT Helps AMC to New Records, Deadmau5 Releases New NFT Song, Adidas Enters the Metaverse with New Partnerships

Elon Musk Is Not Thrilled by Web3, Warren Buffett’s Vice Chairman Says Crypto Ban Was the Right Call

Centibillionaire and founder of Tesla, Elon Musk, who has become famous for his crypto involvements, is unimpressed by Sam Altman’s explanation of Web3. Altman is the founder and CEO of AI research and deployment company, OpenAI, and took to Twitter to explain Web3 (the decentralized web).

In explaining the possibilities that lie within this technological advancement, Altman opined that “Web3 might still have 2010s-like returns.” However, unimpressed by his explanations, Musk remarked, “Web3 sounds like bs.”

The criticism continues with Warren Buffett’s Vice Chairman, Charlie Munger. According to the 97-year-old vice chairman, China’s decision to ban cryptocurrencies and mining was the right decision.

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