Crypto Jobs on the Rise: the Most In-Demand and Crazy Jobs Out There

If your job title includes the magic world “crypto,” your personal profile should definitely be among the most wanted on LinkedIn. Probably you’ve noticed that already.

Crypto Hiring Has Surged

The crypto space is booming and so is the global demand for cryptocurrency and blockchain-savvy employees, says the world’s largest professional network, LinkedIn.

According to its latest analysis, crypto-related job postings shot up by nearly 400% last year.

The number of job posts that include the words Bitcoin, Ethereum, blockchain, and cryptocurrency increased by 395 percent in the United States alone in 2021, according to LinkedIn researchers.

This is the first time the crypto space surpassed the broader tech industry, where job searches grew by 98% within the same time.

Tech Demand Is Broad

Software and finances dominated the demand for crypto-tech professionals on LinkedIn. However, the accounting firms, consulting firms, start-ups and also the whole computer hardware sector are nipping at the heels of the leaders.

The top roles they were looking to recruit included blockchain developers and engineers as well as cryptocurrency analysts. The latter keep dominating the space on other crypto job websites like CryptoJobs or Indeed.

However, if you dig deeper, there’s a full spectrum of hiring for different positions in decentralized business: from cryptocurrency writers and marketing managers to data scientists, sales development representatives, and blockchain advisors.

New Roles Emerge

Despite the growing demand for “regular” vacancies, the fast-evolving and innovative cryptocurrency space is bringing its own trends to the job search market.

Senior meme officers, directors of avatars, metaverse influencers, worldbuilders, tour guides, virtual fashion designers, smart contract lawyers, or metahuman doctors could soon become the new normal as more and more crypto start-ups begin to look for the new positions.

Crypto Went Mainstream

2021 was a record year for the whole cryptocurrency market, which briefly surpassed the $3 trillion market capitalization.

7 out of 10 crypto investors jumped into digital assets last year.
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