DecentWorld: Digital Real Estate Wrapped in Play-to-Earn Gaming
2 min readApr 1, 2022


DecentWorld: Digital Real Estate Wrapped in Play-to-Earn Gaming

The gaming market was valued at USD $198.40 billion by the end of last year, and is expected to grow to reach a value of USD $339.95 billion by 2027. Once viewed as simply a source of entertainment, the gaming industry is entering its next evolution, where play-to-earn gaming enables players to participate in the development of games, and earn money simply by playing them.

Since its launch a month ago, the Swiss-created metaverse DecentWorld is becoming more and more noticeable with its fresh ideas and unique approach to digital real estate and the play-to-earn gaming model.

Powered by a carbon-neutral blockchain, this new metaverse enables gamers, collectors, and traders to invest in the metaverse and virtual real estate, empowering them to earn through playful, digitally enhanced environments.

Blockchain — The Key to Play-to-Earn Gaming

A new frontier in gaming has emerged through blockchain technology. Player-owned ecosystems in gaming are some of the fastest-growing sectors in the crypto industry. Some predictions put the metaverse at gaining a $250B to $300B market cap by 2025.

Blockchain-based games enable players to earn money from the comfort of their homes, while also offering both creators and users on metaverse platforms the opportunity to benefit from a symbiotic relationship in which everyone can build, trade on, and improve the metaverse, while simultaneously earning from their contributions and participation.

One of the main ways in which the DecentWorld platform users will be able to earn in the metaverse will be by buying, selling, and trading NFTs. Currently, the DecentWorld metaverse has already launched the Street NFT buying options, and soon selling and trading options will become available as well.

The creators of the DecentWorld metaverse introduced real-world value to the metaverse by bringing it to the next stage of digitization. Indeed, the DecentWorld team set themselves the ambitious goal of being the first to digitize the real world and, by doing so, creating a virtual economy that benefits everyone.

Users can find and purchase any street in the world as a certified NFT, with landmarks and buildings set to arrive in the later phases of the project. By collecting, trading, and staking their virtual real estate, owners can generate yield to benefit them in the real world.

The Future of Digital Experiences

The play-to-earn crypto phenomenon is sure to be the next big thing. The rise of crypto games has already been felt worldwide, representing an alternative source of income for many.

“The autonomous digital economies on metaverse platforms will be bigger than real ones. The future workplaces, jobs platforms, and social media could be experienced through gaming and the metaverse, built on blockchain,” emphasized the DecentWorld team.