DecentWorld: The Metaverse Is the Next Internet

The metaverse is coming, and it’s a big deal. Experts say it will become the next iteration of the internet. Currently, you can only experience the internet when you open your laptop or take out a smartphone. Still, with new technologies, and connectivity opportunities being developed as we speak, it will surely be possible to experience global networks all around us very soon.

The creators of Swiss-based metaverse DecentWorld think that we are at a turning point in the internet’s history, and the metaverse will be the key to building the future of immersive experiences. The brand new metaverse platform has outlined the ambitious goal of being the pioneers at the very forefront of this and digitizing the entire world.

Building Digital Worlds

Even though the metaverse has become the latest buzzword stirring the imagination of tech enthusiasts, prototypes of the metaverse have been around in the gaming industry for decades. Examples include such well-known games as Second Life and Minecraft. However, development of the metaverse has recently entered its next phase and is sure to rapidly evolve in upcoming years.

“I think for the project to be a metaverse, the environment must have a few important characteristics. So, first of all, it should be a real-time render. It should be a 3D virtual world, synchronous, have continuity of data, and be interoperable or interchangeable. In addition to that, it should be massively scalable with an unlimited number of users,” the DecentWorld team shared, outlining their thoughts on the metaverse.

In the metaverse, interoperability is essential. DecentWorld is built around advanced blockchain technology, enabling ownership in the digital space. NFTs and cryptocurrencies are already rocking the investment markets with new possibilities, and they represent the perfect tool to become the building blocks of the developing metaverse.

The DecentWorld metaverse has digitized the entire world. Through its gamified and carefully crafted user interface, anyone can buy, collect and stake digital copies of real-world streets, buildings, and monuments as NFTs.

The creators of DecentWorld believe that the future of the metaverse is to become the next internet, which implies that it will develop to a point that it is a singular metaverse that everyone contributes to. In new digital spaces such as these, the ownership of digital Assets, as well as the ownership of digital identity, will be crucial for the further development of the metaverse.

Blockchain Is Key to Digital Identity

Blockchain technology, and especially NFTs, make the metaverse possible. A person holds a passport in the real world, which confirms someone’s singular identity, and this aspect of identity will be crucial in the digital worlds of the metaverse as well.




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