DeFine Collaborates with Dvision to Expand the Metaverse
2 min readDec 1, 2021


DeFine Collaborates with Dvision to Expand the Metaverse
DeFine Collaborates with Dvision to Expand the Metaverse

DeFine is an NFT-based social platform built for artists, musicians, influencers, gamers, and other creators. Dvision is a metaverse blockchain ecosystem. The two projects are now working together to facilitate broader trading and greater outreach for digital assets in the metaverse.

All NFTs from Dvision will now be integrated into DeFine’s NFT Marketplace for P2P trading. The teams are working to adapt NFTs on a larger scale and explore add-on features such as DeFi and DID (decentralized identifier).

As the blockchain network explained, LAND NFTs, avatars, equipment, and many other NFT designs from Dvision will now be traded on DeFine’s marketplace.

DeFine will use LAND in Dvision to build a virtual gallery for hosted NFTs, as well as to organize common gaming events and conferences on the metaverse.

Dvision members will be able to take advantage of benefits such as badge staking on DeFine. This system enables users to obtain “unique NFT-based badges that correlate directly with their contribution to the community.”

“Cooperating with Dvision Network, DeFine will initiate a new ecosystem and create value in metaverses such as LAND. We truly believe in the power of decentralization and communities, and through Dvision Network, we were able to get a glimpse of the future. We are thrilled to see what lies ahead for this partnership,”

DeFine wrote.

On The Flipside

As a unique project in the industry, the P2P NFT platform will attempt to offer an array of exclusive benefits to its users.


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