Did Shiba Inu Just Got married? Here comes Shiba’s Wife

Did Shiba Inu Just Got married? Here comes Shiba’s Wife

Shiba Inu is among the few digital tokens to walk down the aisle. And the wife’s name? Shiba’s wife, nothing fancy. While the crypto ecosystem has its fair share of women leaders and investors, only a few cryptos explicitly identify as female. And Shiba’s wife is one of the she-cryptos.

Shiba Inu recorded the greatest value increase in the market, growing over two million percent in 2021. Shiba’s wife will likely simulate the meme dog coin growth.

Shiba’s Wife is not an ordinary virtual currency. It comes with special use. In general, it seeks to end women’s rights violations across the globe. It aims to achieve this goal by promoting kindness, prosperity, and equality.

The BEP20 token was launched on Binance smart chain. This means it has excellent scalability and low gas fees, and ultimately great growth potential.

The cryptocurrency is highly safeguarded by Skyline security service, a top blockchain security service provider. The company uses Formal Verification technology, state-of-the-art security for blockchains, and smart contracts. Specifically, the technology uses mathematical approaches for hacking resistance and program correctness. Additionally, the blockchain network is audited by Certik Audit.

As mentioned, Shiba’s Wife’s mission is to empower and promote women’s freedom with violated rights. Ultimately, they hope to positively impact by establishing diverse partnerships worldwide.

The digital tokens hope to achieve this milestone by creating a fund for women with violated rights. 10% of all transaction fees will be channeled to a secluded wallet. All the funds will be used for the noble course.

Currently, the developers are negotiating with organizations that advocate for women’s rights. Once they reach an agreement, Shiba’s Wife platform will send the funds to help women suffering from rights violations and unfair treatment. Currently, the platform is holding donations on Binance Charity.
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