Here’s Why MATIC, AVAX, And FTM Eyeing 15% Run In The Near Term?

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The global crypto market has sailed to yet another round of correction, which has slashed valuations of numerous digital assets. The recent fall has costed the business to lose its market cap threshold of $2T.

Successively, the market capitalization of the crypto verse is presently hovering around $1.85 T, with a 1.6% rise over the previous day.

Older hands from the industry are keen on making the most out of the plunge. And have been making informed decisions prior to buying the dips.

The checklist of tests now involves on-chain analysis, which has become a priority ahead of placing buy-orders. In succession, MATIC, AVAX, and FTM are now under the radar of analysts and traders.

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Polygon (MATIC):

Successively, the social engagement records at 205.06 M, with the current numbers at 2.07 M. The change over the past week is at -40.5%. The average sentiment is scripted at 58, with a current score of 57.

The change over 7-days is recorded at -1.5%. In contrast, the total transaction count is at 1419.80 M, while the processing rate is at 35.1 TPS.

The daily transaction count has been attempting for a revival to highs of the previous quarter. However, the count has been moving southwards.

As of 20th February, the total transaction count is at 2,588,860. Which has risen from the previous day’s count of 2,760,771. The count of unique addresses as of (20–02–2022) is at 137,320,076, with a daily increase of 77,430.

Avalanche (AVAX):

The difference in statistics for a period of 7-days has been an astounding 99.6%. The average sentiment is at 56, while the current score remains at 65, the change in average sentiment over the week has been 1.3%.



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