Invest and Help People With Cancer: This is How Blockchain Advances Medicine

One in six deaths is caused by cancer. In 2020, more than 10 million people died of cancer, and over 400,000 children are diagnosed with the disease every year. Cancer causes millions of people to suffer every day. With numerous scientists and medical researchers tackling the problem and looking for cures, there’s always a demand for innovation.

Currently, research into causes and cures for childhood cancers of all types merits a mere 4% of US government funding into the disease, and only marginally more when all types of cancer research dollars are considered.

Here is where blockchain comes in handy: through Web 3.0 technology, we can achieve community-driven, transparent funding and medical data that warrants genuine information.

Community-Generated Token Benefits Both, Holders and Charities

CURE Token is a deflationary token that was originally created to help fund childhood cancer research and awareness. It was launched this year on September 16th, which is childhood cancer awareness month.

The founder Jacob Beckley is also the Founder and Chairman of the Beckley Foundation, a nonprofit charity dedicated to fighting pediatric cancer since 2016.

As Beckley explained to DailyCoin, this project has seen every major milestone that a crypto project looks to achieve. CURE has been listed on CoinGecko, CoinMarketCap, Coinbase. The initiative had a KYC and two audits, one from Certik, and also has many sponsorships and partnerships underway, including NASCAR. CURE has raised over $400K for the fight against cancer.

“We are moving forward with staking and an exchange listing. Our biggest goal is to get listed on a tier 1 exchange,”

Beckley told DailyCoin.

CUREPay — Effortless Crypto Investment That Makes a Difference

On December 20th, the community released the CUREPay payment system that allows anyone to purchase CURE tokens with a debit or credit card, as well as Apple or Android pay. The payment is transparent and easy, so even those unfamiliar with cryptocurrency can contribute.

“CURE Token helps families directly through grants that help cover living expenses, monthly and medical bills, and more. CURE Token works to bring transparency back to charity by showing investors exactly where their funds go: directly to the families in need,”

a news report reads.

On the Flipside

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