KuCoin Lists UFO Gaming — A Step Closer to Bridging the Gap Between Gaming and Blockchain

KuCoin Lists UFO Gaming – A Step Closer to Bridging the Gap Between Gaming and Blockchain

KuCoin is listing UFO Gaming, with only a few weeks till the end of 2021. After a remarkable year in crypto, with institutional and retail interest soaring, the project ends the year on a high note with numerous positive developments. Being listed on KuCoin, the world’s fifth-biggest cryptocurrency exchange demonstrates that they are one step closer to resolving the issue UFO Gaming intends to address: the gap between gaming and blockchain.

Video games have become ingrained in the life of many individuals. They are not only going to arcades or playing NES for entertainment purposes. It is a way of life, competitiveness, a culture, and a new way of seeing the world. The most profitable sectors are streaming and eSports. However, the challenges are sensible: present Play-to-Earn (P2E) models do not favor the average person. P2E through cryptocurrency is the first viable method for normal players to earn money as they play.

Gaming is massive. It is a thriving industry that encompasses streaming, eSports, and a variety of platforms. Astonishing statistics reveal earnings are projected to reach $175.8 billion in 2021 and $200 billion in 2023.

Since 2010, both the public’s monetary value and media attention have increased significantly. The term “cryptocurrency” alludes to the same phenomenon. Since 2011, cryptocurrency has grown at an exponential rate. Since 2017, the market has increased from $18 billion to more than $600 billion. It is presently valued at over $2 trillion and is expected to exceed $2 trillion by 2021. Coincidentally, two new sectors are forming and expanding: gaming and cryptocurrency.

UFO Gaming is bridging this divide. They want to bridge the gap between blockchain and conventional gaming, increasing adoption of blockchain gaming and developing and running their own games, working with established gaming businesses to incorporate their games onto the blockchain effortlessly.

UFO Gaming is the first blockchain startup to form a significant partnership with the well-known eSport, gaming, and content organization,

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