Metaliums Project, Will Launch its NFT Wallet Collection and Will Burn $Shibs in the Process.
3 min readJul 28, 2022
Metaliums Project, Will Launch its NFT Wallet Collection and Will Burn $Shibs in the Process.

We are excited to join the Shiba Inu community (known as the Shib Army) to reduce $Shib circulating supply through our Metaliums NFT collection. We have been supporters of the SHIB community for sometime now and we believe that burning ideas should come from the community itself and we are so excited about being part of that.

What does Burning Shibs mean? The purpose of burning $SHIB, is to remove them from circulation forever. Tokens are sent/transferred to a burn address, meaning they will no longer be recoverable. Once a token ($SHIB) is sent to a burn address, it’s gone forever, reducing its supply, making the tokens scarcer. A scarcity can increase the price of the tokens, benefiting investors, yet it is not always guaranteed, but that is the goal.

metaliums shib collection

What, When and Where?

Metaliums Team, said; “We will be creating limited numbers of Metaliums NFT featuring Shiba Inu that will be available at Opensea marketplace in August 2022 The first batch will be given free to the community”. Every trade will generate a 10% to 15% royalty commission for the Metaliums project and half will be sent to a dead address. Once a month, Metaliums project will post future burn transactions, expected to take place every month, on its website. data will include the amount of shibs burnt and the “From” and “To” addresses. These NFTs could grow in value as they are traded, so the more you trade these NFTs the more $SHIBS will be burnt. There will also be a NFT collection that will be sold along with the Metaliums physical wallets that will be announced later on their website and social media channels.

The NFT Physical Wallet.

The NFT physical wallets will feature a shib inu on the front side. They will use a unique process called HD Metal printing where the image is burnt on the metal surface, making it UV and scratch resistant and waterproof. The printing processes create the highest quality metal print possible that will not only look vibrant but will last for decades. This HD Metal print process was tested by Wilhelm Imaging Research, an authority on archival and preservation for the photographic, digital, and printing industries and the results were impressive. It achieved a permanence rating of more than 60 years and, with good care it could last for 100 to 200 years.

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