Miami’s Mayor: Bitcoin Has The Ability to Peacefully Eradicate Communism
2 min readDec 18, 2021

Francis Suarez — the mayor of Miami — believes bitcoin is the most peaceful revolution of our times. He added that some of its most considerable merits are the ability to “eradicate” communism, the “incredible power to liberate people,” and the potential to democratize their choices.

Bitcoin’s Superpowers

Francis Xavier Suarez — Miami’s mayor since 2017 — is undoubtfully a keen advocate of the cryptocurrency industry and, more specifically, bitcoin. Apart from being a holder, he recently announced he will receive his paycheck entirely in BTC.

During a recent episode of “What Bitcoin Did” whit Peter McCormack, Suarez explained why the primary digital asset is so important and how it can help the economy in the ongoing financial crisis.

He said bitcoin’s most significant advantage is its ability to create a system of exchange where people are not subjected to the “wild inflation and wild devaluation through oftentimes corrupt actors.”

As such, it is no wonder that several countries in Central America, South America, and Africa are considering adopting the asset as legal tender, Suarez noted.

“Bitcoin has an incredible power to peacefully eradicate communism on the planet, liberate people and democratize their choices,” he concluded.

Francis Suarez, Source: MiamiNewTimes

Another major opportunity that the cryptocurrency grants to humanity is the ability to have a “right to get a return.” Today’s financial system is in total chaos, caused mainly because of the speeding inflation, the mayor pointed out. In fact, he doubted that the current rate in the USA is somewhere between 6% and 7% and opined that it could be in the range of 10–15%.

This means that if people put their money in a bank account, they will get zero interest, and in one year, those funds will be worth less.
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