New Crypto Project, “The Show Goes On” Coin, Announces 2022 Plans to Build a Circus in the Metaverse

The Show Goes On (TSGO) today announced plans to build a circus in the metaverse. At the moment, tech and finance headlines are filled with jaw-dropping news of “mega super yachts” and “Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT” selling for insane amounts, some even up to $3 million dollars. For those that are more versed and understanding of this new digital frontier, and for those newbies exploring and doing some research into the major brands and companies exploring and already producing, you quickly realize this could be the beginning of something huge; a monumental shift in the digital “verse”. And it’s not just for giant tech companies like the former Facebook, now Meta, or video gaming companies; The Show Goes On is also diving in headfirst to join the new wave.

According to TSGO, the circus project has been in the works for a few months with the team behind the scenes, but it has recently taken off as the initial ERC-20 circus token, Ticker TSGO, was minted in early December 2021 on the ethereum blockchain.

“Our circus community and TSGO team is very excited to build the circus in the metaverse. We think there will be massive potential and appetite for “virtual entertainment” in the metaverse and we know the circus will be a part of that,”

said spokesperson Chris Riley.

“Imagine virtual circus performances available to community members, special access to behind the scenes look at building the circus, or even social engagement with the circus performers themselves.”

The TSGO team has a laid out a very interesting 2022 roadmap to build the “cryptocircus”; including buying digital land in the metaverse and minting special NFT circus characters that gives special access and future experiences to members that hold the NFT. Partnerships and national sponsorships are also listed on the roadmap, a point where the team can envision circus and entertainment companies like Feld Entertainment or Cirque du Soleil joining forces and exploring the metaverse as well. One thing is for sure, the team isn’t clowning around, as nearly all of the equity tokens issued to the team have plans on being locked up for the long term.

“It will revolutionize how the circus can reach millions of people that want to enjoy a special circus performance from their own screens, in the comfort of their own home, in the metaverse. And that is just scratching the surface of what we think this can become,”

said Riley.


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