New Era of the Internet Is Coming — Interactive Shopping

New Era of the Internet Is Coming – Interactive Shopping

For thousands of years shopping has been one of the central activities of human social life. People not only used to trade goods during shopping — they would receive the latest news, see who’s up to what, and show themselves off while shopping.

DecentWorld, an immersive Swiss-owned, blockchain-based metaverse, has finally launched on March 1. The highly anticipated platform’s creators say DecentWorld will step by step revolutionize not only the blockchain industry, but also the way people shop.

In the past ten years, shopping has become the least interactive it ever was. Online shopping has taken the lead, not only for it’s increased availability but also for it’s convenience — the pandemic has made the usual social aspect of shopping unsafe.

“It used to be way more romantic. Now shopping is much more convenient but it has arguably lost its charm. The only social aspect you get while online shopping is maybe leaving a review. We believe that the perfect solution is somewhere in between, providing the convenience of the online with the added metaverse experience,”

the DecentWorld team shares.

While the pandemic is slowly dying down, new realities emerge. Specifically, metaverses. Far beyond being just a buzzword, the metaverse has become the newest goal for many of the world’s tech giants.

Experts say it will become the next Internet, as it will merge several aspects of the great online that were previously separate. DecentWorld will do just that — its metaverse will encompass both the digital and physical worlds, acting as the gateway to an array of virtual experiences.

The creators of DecentWorld shared their thoughts on the future of the Internet. The team believes DecentWorld will storm the market with a solution that revolutionizes how users and businesses participate in shopping by providing real-world assets as NFTs.

“Google was once the prime all-encompassing gateway to everyday activities. But now people seek more interactive experiences. The thrill of experiencing augmented or metaverse reality is a natural human emotion, and more and more tech businesses seek to cater that need.

However, the majority of metaverse projects focus only on one aspect of its applications. Our goal was to tackle more metaverse features, and combine them in a meaningful way”,

the DecentWorld team shares.

DecentWorld can be described as one of the most valuable projects within the Web3 ecosystem is the metaverse, for many reasons, including the possible interest in the emerging project among e-commerce brands, as well as the innovative solutions it offers to users in the real world.

“We understand that the revolution will not happen overnight. However, we do have certain goals and clear steps on how to achieve it.
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