Next Big NFT Project, Which You Still Can Get At Mint Price

Non-Fungible Tokens AKA, NFT’s have taken the world by storm. The digital art images, collectibles and memes, where people are purchasing them for huge amounts.

The NFT ecosystem has skyrocketed, with artists making huge profits.

So which is the latest NFT project making waves in the market? Introducing — DeAngels, NFT project with clear plan ahead.

This NFT project has an exclusive website design with a roadmap for future plans. The Deangels project is on track to facilitate the creation of the most sought-after virtual assets in the market.

The team actively participated in NFT space, and after watching 100s of launches, Deangels created a perfect NFT project.


The Deangels team has outlined an impressive roadmap that includes the development of a unique NFT experience, an innovative artist community, and a groundbreaking rewards program for Deangels NFT holders.

- Royalty shares

- Mating, also known as Breading

- Active marketing

- Unique & simple NFT game, which will earn rewards.

These points make the NFT not just an art, with all it’s different functions it should be called NFT 2.0.

The road map also includes the Ongoing 5% Secondary market sales royalties distributed to DeAngels holders airdrops and lottery with significant prizes. Holders will vote for what they want. This should keep the value until we complete our final steps.

The Platform also clears that, NFTs which will not be Minted will not be used for giveaways because it only drives the price down in the secondary market. Unminted DeAngels will be available to mint again for 1 Ethereum only after the NFT game will be launched, with profit share with DeAngels holders.

Second Phase :

After the first Phase, DeAngels sale is used to fund further developments and promotions. The platform plans to launch a second NFT project which is a big part as DeAngels holders will have a pleasant surprise.

In the 2nd phase, DeAngels will Introduce breeding, Revealing the unique game people can make money with minimal effort.
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