OpenSea Users Look To Infinity & Beyond

There’s no denying the fact that the crypto market has continued to grow from strength to strength over the course of 2021, as is best showcased by the fact that the sector as a whole has seen its value triple from $1 trillion to $3 trillion within a span of the last 9 months. Not only that, even the innovation that has come about as a result of this rapid expansion has been staggering, to say the least.

For example, the core concept underlying non-fungible tokens (NFTs) seems to have really piqued the interest of investors around the globe. Similarly, even the decentralized finance (DeFi) sector has grown to become a full-fledged market in itself over the last couple of years, thus showcasing the tremendous possibilities put forth by crypto.

NFTs, in particular, are a class of digital assets, that continue to draw people to them each passing day since these offerings present owners with digital receipts representing ownership of literally any asset under the sun — be it physical or digital — such as paintings, JPEG files, pieces of music and even real estate.

In terms of how much the non-fungible token market has blossomed, during Q3 of this year alone, the total sales of these novel cryptos rose as high as $10.7 billion, something that was recently put on display when a growing list of celebrities including rapper Jay Z, NBA superstar Stephen Curry, thrash metal pioneer Dave Mustaine, amongst many others, showcased their support for these offerings.

Here’s why it may be time to move on from OpenSea

As things stand, the NFT market is controlled by the whims of a few centralized platforms, one of whom is OpenSea, a digital hub where users can trade and mint NFTs with relative ease. However, recently, a number of issues have continued to arise in relation to the platform resulting in a major loss of customer confidence.

For example, earlier this year in September, it came to light that an

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