Sales of Solana (SOL) based NFT Collection ‘ABC’ Skyrockets, Beating the Bored Apes
2 min readSep 9, 2022
Sales of Solana (SOL) based NFT Collection ‘ABC’ Skyrockets, Beating the Bored Apes

Solana-based NFT collection ‘ABC’ is the most traded collection in the past 24 hours, beating the Ethereum-based Otherdeed, and Bored Ape Yacht Club, which are listing second and third.

According to the, ‘ABC’ collection in a week jumped from the 9th position to first. At the time of writing, the total sales of the collection are $2,139,047, and it is 94.11% increase in the past 24 hours.

Mysterious NFT Collection

ABC isn’t a project, it’s just Art that I resonate with as I always miss the time when we are kids.

Things are more simple when we are kids, I miss it, I wanna do something to bring me closer to it.

This is not a typical project, there is no company or team working behind it.



(@HGESOL) August 22, 2022

ABC or Abracadabra NFT collection consists of 10K immutable NFTs. The description states that the collection is “made to remind you of how fun things were when we were kids, before growing up — let’s never stop having fun!”

This collection caught the community’s attention for its unique approach. The creator, who uses the nickname HGE.SOL, stated that there are 0% royalties and no official rarity. Also, the NFT creator does not use Discord, Twitter, launchpad, minting, or bots.

Citing the tweet, the author not only doesn’t have a team behind the NFT project but doesn’t even call it a ‘project,’ and tried to discourage from buying into it. Despite that, the collection kicked off, with a huge support from the community.

Remember #ABC is only an immutable ART that you should own only if it makes you happy!

The rest of everything is cherry on top, you should not calculate the value of #ABC