SkyLaunch Is Building The First Multi-Chain IDO Launchpad

Without the creation of IDO launchpads, accelerating the growth of the next generation of DeFi products would be a difficult task. According to Coinmarketcap, some of the very first set of IDO launchpads were launched around 2019, and they have become quite important in launching blockchain startups.

IDO launchpads are now moving beyond simply providing a platform for raising funds for new blockchain startups to provide aftercare support and industry-leading governance to ensure that projects can grow sustainably in the highly competitive blockchain space in the long term. New age IDO launch pads that offer more than just fundraising are worth considering for projects interested in IDO. The primary focus will be on SkyLaunch, a multi-chain IDO launchpad, and how it intends to play an essential role in the growth of the DeFi industry.

Introducing The Innovative SkyLaunch IDO Launchpad

SkyLaunch is a multi-chain IDO launchpad that aims to move away from a solely fundraising model and become more comprehensive by providing all necessary support, tools, and resources Pre IDO and Post IDO for projects listed on its platform. SkyLaunch is more of an IDO accelerator platform. Its business model is designed to ensure projects’ long-term growth and sustainability long after their IDO rounds are completed. SkyLaunch is backed by Synergia Capital VC fund, a reputable VC firm with a track record of successful blockchain projects. SkyLaunch is a multi-chain launchpad platform built on the foundation of multiple EVM compatible chains. SkyLaunch’s initial launch would be on Ethereum, Polygon, and Binance Smart Chain.

SkyLaunch Benefits For Investors

SkyLaunch’s unique features provide enormous value to retail investors and blockchain startups. Skylaunch only lists projects for retail investors after thorough vetting and screening, which is accomplished through rigorous due diligence procedures. SkyLaunch’s internal analysts conduct due diligence before approving projects for listing on SkyLaunch. Skylaunch also established a governance council comprised of blockchain experts to act as an extra line of defense against bad projects and ensure that only the best projects are listed to protect investors’ interests.

Aside from performing due diligence, Skylaunch employs advanced technology to address some of the issues retail investors face. It uses a transparent on-chain mining algorithm, which results in more equitable token allocations and greater rewards for investors. An exciting “auto-pilot” feature is implemented to ensure that investors never miss out on exciting projects. Special features such as smart locks, utility NFTs, and DAO governance are also necessary safeguards for investors.




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