The Algorand Community Wraps up the Debut of Decipher, the Sold-out Event Showcasing the Future of Finance (FutureFi)

Algorand, the blockchain technology company powering the next-generation economy, today announced the successful debut of Decipher, a decentralized by design live and virtual two-day event that convenes the community of builders, businesses, and strategic stakeholders deciphering the future on Algorand. Set in the crypto hub of Miami, the sold-out, two-day event attracted nearly 500 attendees live, and over 2500 virtually. Featuring conversations, networking, and hands-on sessions that explore present and future opportunities for solutions in DeFi, NFTs, and new creator economies, gaming, DAOs, and beyond, Decipher celebrates what’s possible thanks to blockchain technology.

With blockchain infused throughout the event, attendees accessed the venue through unique NFTs created and designed by the artists behind the Al Goanna collectibles. Each guest received an original art piece that served as a ticket to the event. For this series, Algorand collaborated with a new artist: @inkhunterart, which has a strong environmental focus and shared values with the Goanna brand. For each of the NFTs produced in the

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