The Celebrity NFTs Debate: Artworks Or Gimmick?

The Celebrity NFTs Debate: Artworks Or Gimmick?

There is no doubt that the NFT craze is sweeping the globe, attracting a large number of investors into the market.

Startups and creatives are also thinking about how to transform their products into digital assets.

It’s difficult to stand out in the NFT industry today, especially when hundreds of other celebrities have already come on board.

The Rise Of NFTs In Entertainment

Many celebrities are entering the NFT market, demonstrating that art in the form of NFTs is the new trend after Bitcoin, with billions of dollars in revenue.

Anyone, from British painter Damien Hirst to model Paris Hilton, can create one.

Hilton has been collecting and making NFT works since 2016.Hilton displays her work through screens at her Beverly Hills mansion. In April, her animated portrait in NFT sold for more than $1 million.

For NFT advocates, this is a technology that will change the buying and sale of works of art, opening up a plethora of prospects for artists.

Hilton, with a luxurious lifestyle that is far from the traditional artist, is a suitable model for the NFT movement.



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