The Crypto Coral Tribe: Connecting Nature with the Metaverse
2 min readDec 5, 2021
The Crypto Coral Tribe: Connecting Nature with the Metaverse
The Crypto Coral Tribe: Connecting Nature with the Metaverse

There is an NFT movement on the rise that ties digital assets with a ‘change for the better’ purpose. The team of Crypto Coral Tribe is trying to make a positive impact on marine life by giving life to corals and inspiring people to join the environmental metaverse space through their unique tribal Coral NFTs.

During a DailyCoin exclusive, the three leading members of the Crypto Global Tribe that call themselves Kaiporah, Mowgly, and Numalunah, shared the process, ambitions, and unique features of their promising tribal NFTs.

Objective: Reviving Coral Reefs

Corals are a fundamental part of the ocean. They only cover 1% of the ocean but host 25% of life; they’re extremely important to the ecosystem. Corals are also beautiful, they’re a great tool for expression, and inspire creativity — they come in different shapes and colors and are truly fascinating creatures by their exterior and functions.

Crypto Coral NFTs will be minted on the Solana blockchain, which is proof of stake and consumes significantly less energy than other blockchains. According to the statistics, “one Solana transaction uses as little energy as two Google searches,” and is 98% more efficient in minting NFTs than Ethereum.

Partnerships with Coral Gardeners and Preservers

The Crypto Coral Tribe team found a way to plant a few thousand corals with partners in Malaga (Spain), Bali, and the Turks and Caicos in the Bahamas. The ideas from partners are not only limited to planting corals.

“One of our partners in Turks and Caicos researches stony tissue coral disease. The disease impacts corals in that part of the load killing off 40% of some species. It’s not just about planting corals, some of the funds that we generate through this project will go into approaching marine restoration from other angles too,”

the team said.

The initiative made a pledge to plant 3,000 corals across three different continents. The conditions, though, are a little bit different in each place. For example, in Malaga, it’s quite a difficult process to plant many corals because the reef is very deep.
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