The Metaliums project is closing the gap between the physical world and the NFT space.

In case you are not yet familiar with it, the Metaliums are customizable collectibles bot-looking coins living in the physical, in the blockchain, and in the metaverse world. We could say, these are the first NFO coins of the 21st century that will permanently live in these 3 worlds so they can be passed to the next generations to come What makes this project stand out is that, unlike other NFT projects, the Metaliums does not capitalize on rarity only to boost its value but also allowing collectors, investors, and partners to get a physical 3d part (NFO- Nonfungible object) ), its counterpart NFT token and 3d avatar/wearables in the metaverse space, called Metaliums.

Each Metalium has a permanent traceable barcode pointing to its smart contract address on the blockchain. Using their own developed script, each square grid of the QR code is extruded and converted into 3D blocks then embedded on the backside of each coin. Other patterns may be included on the coin surface to make it more unique and rare. Some Metaliums will be printed in exotic metals like bronze, stainless steel, titanium, and even 18k gold.

Based in Oklahoma, lead designer and creator of the Metaliums, Luis Hernandez, has been working with 3D modeling, digital art, computer programming, and different manufacturing processes for more than 15 years, but recently he turned his attention to the NFT world. He believes that the “non-fungible token” and “non-fungible objects” are the future of creation, as they provide the ownership of digital and physical property that can be validated by the world in minutes.
“Metaliums is not only an NFT project, we are creating a brand in the lifestyle and crypto space” Luis Said.

The Metaliums is currently seeking collaboration on social media, influencers, artists, celebrities which is essential for the growth of the brand.




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