Top 8 Most Expensive Virtual Real Estate Properties

Top 8 Most Expensive Virtual Real Estate Properties

NFT digital real estate, or virtual real estate, in the metaverse has become a trending topic and a promising field for those looking to invest, so much so that many companies are looking at the prospects they may present.

The demand for NFT virtual real estate is becoming gradually more popular than other NFTs such as artwork, memes, trading cards, music, and so on. This, however, is not surprising, as the same is the reality in the real world; people will invest in landed property rather than pay for art.

Also, just like in the real world where landed properties are highly priced, so are NFT virtual properties. As such, this article takes a look at the top 8 most expensive virtual real estate properties in the metaverse space. But before we dive into the list, let’s quickly explain what the metaverse entails.

The metaverse, according to experts and gamers, is an immersive virtual reality experience that employs blockchain technology to purchase and totally own digital products. A player becomes an NFT owner when they make an in-game purchase and may freely own, sell, or transfer it from wallet to wallet.

Metaverses are blockchain-based, entirely decentralized digital worlds with virtual reality capability. When Facebook announced its rebranding to Meta, the moniker soared in popularity.

In this industry, investors spotted another solid profit opportunity. Because the price of this field is rapidly increasing, it makes sense to look into it more.

Land is the one asset that never depreciates in real life. As a result, it is regarded as one of the most dependable asset types. Land functions similarly in the virtual world. The currency of a given metaverse is used to sell and buy land parcels and structures. Many digital worlds today provide similar options.

As the cryptocurrency sector grew in popularity, investors jumped at the chance and entered the metaverse with high hopes of making a profit. When the cost of a land plot rises, it might be sold at a higher price. Another alternative is to rent out a land parcel and earn passive income this way.

This virtual plot (with coordinates: -30; -11) was purchased sometime in July 2021, on the Ronin blockchain by a Lunacian user #3789512. It was acquired for a whopping sum of 300 $WETH, which is equivalent to $660,000.

Axie Infinity, the metaverse on which it was acquired, however, kept this information under wraps, but later revealed that they sold two other plots to the same buyer.
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