Universities Are Offering Cryptocurrency Classes: Are They Worth It?

Cryptocurrency, once considered a scam and associated with black money, is now taught in higher education institutions.

Rather than pursue traditional degrees in Economics or Finance, many students these days are choosing degrees in blockchain and digital currencies. As a result, more universities are adding crypto to their curriculum and offer courses in DeFi.

DailyCoin interviewed two students from UNIC (University of Nicosia), one of the first universities in the world to offer blockchain courses (since 2013). It’s also the first university to accept Bitcoin for tuition payments.

UNIC offers two Master’s degrees in blockchain: blockchain & digital currency and computer science (with specialization in blockchain technologies). The university also organizes free MOOCs on blockchain and digital currencies and has several academic certification programs.

Diving into Cryptocurrency Studies

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Source: #Dailycoincom
Source: thecryptocoinreport.com





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