Vetter: A New Way To Research New Crypto
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New York. April 21, 2022. The crowdsourcing DAO offers a dApp with tools for informed investment decisions.

In the blockchain industry where things change in a matter of minutes and research is time-consuming, getting the right information in the right time can result in a successful investment opportunity.

Vetter CrowdX Calendar — just one of the many dApps set to roll out this year — collates information, the main asset in the digitization era, and filters it using the Intuitive Oracle feature to customize preferences based on personal objectives.

It serves as a research hub for cryptocurrency presales, fair launches, and initial offerings. Vetter is also integrating Ignition Launchpad for high-tiered projects to launch within their ecosystem with the intention to raise the bar of integrity in the DeFi sphere.

CrowdX Calendar consists of Scouts (who find projects and post them), Vetters (who provide additional research data), and Voters (who monitor if projects are successful across a set of time frames), all of which are rewarded for their contribution.

Vetter users can take the above rewarded roles or choose from four investor tiers to get access to the desired research data.

However, not just anyone can become a Vetter on the platform — the users must first become educated in the criteria, which establishes the foundation for CrowdX Calendar’s efficacy.

To prevent data manipulation and maintain a high standard of research results, VETTER token adopts a tax mechanism.

Taxation of token purchases, sales, and transfers limits creation of multiple accounts and vote misrepresentation. It also aids the project development and contributor rewarding.

This is a step up from reflections seen in BSC projects where holders are rewarded just for holding.

To make contribution to the ecosystem fun, Vetter adopts gamified scoring, ranking, and voting. There are six color-coded Scout ranks from Beginner to Top, where the highest rank indicates a stellar track record in previous posting history.

For example, results and auditing between January and February 2022 demonstrate that “90% of all projects posted by purple Scouts reached a 2x OR MORE return within 24 hours post-launch.”

The color-code ranking system helps investors differentiate between high-quality projects versus potential scams.

To articulate this, out of results taken within a 2-month time frame, 10 purple Scouts reported their projects hit over 15x gains after their posted projects launched.
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