What Is a Crypto Launchpad and How Does It Benefit the Crypto Ecosystem?

What Is a Crypto Launchpad and How Does It Benefit the Crypto Ecosystem?

The cryptocurrency industry is growing at an exponential rate globally, with about 1 billion people around the world expected to adopt cryptocurrencies in 2022. What’s even more interesting in the advancement of cryptocurrency is that over 10,000 are in circulation, but more than 12,000 have existed, which is indicative of the acceptance of cryptocurrency and its value in the eyes of keen investors.

The popularity of cryptocurrencies has paved the way for many important investor-friendly innovations, facilitating an acceleration in crypto acceptance and adoption on a global scale. One such innovation that many crypto investors are gravitating towards is the crypto launchpad.

Crypto launchpads are slowly becoming the backbone of the decentralized finance ecosystem, offering small and large cryptocurrency projects, whether it be gaming, metaverse, or Move-to-Earn apps access to a pool of investors wanting to find the next big thing. They are drawing investors and entrepreneurs of all sorts into new crypto projects that are worth their time and money. In this piece, let’s find out what crypto launchpads mean and of what benefit they could be to the crypto ecosystem. So, what exactly are crypto launchpads?

Crypto launchpads, also called crypto incubators, are special platforms that help blockchain-based projects take off. These platforms act as fundraisers for any crypto project. They provide a group of investors access to token sales that are in the early stage. This kind of access ensures that investors can achieve bargain prices on sales before they become publicly available.

Launching anything on a crypto launchpad involves buying tokens at low fees, which is a huge plus for investors, signifying low investment costs. As a result, many projects are approaching crypto launchpads to raise requisite funds.

Top crypto launchpads also safeguard investors and get more capital by screening out scams or rug-pulls, which are very common and thorny on other non-launchpad platforms, while a third party usually performs the KYC (Know Your Customer) process as part of new users’ verification.

Moreover, early joiners of successful crypto projects always benefit the most because they stick with the project from the bottom, thus reaping the fruit of their labor in the long run.

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