What is YieldTopia? A Sustainable Yield Protocol

2 min readJul 15, 2022
What is YieldTopia? A Sustainable Yield Protocol

YieldTopia is a new protocol that was built to provide sustainable and profitable high APY returns, featuring a deflationary APY, referral program, auto-staking, as well as auto-compounding.

There is a revolution taking place, and despite all the market turbulence, DeFi and NFTs are doing well. The systems work, and they are still growing in popularity.

YieldTopia is leading the way forward with an ecosystem that operates in every major decentralized asset. The platform is noteworthy as it is backed by a utility-driven, scalable ecosystem that delivers an APY that starts at 42,069%.

The $YIELD token presale starts on July 14th, $USDY early offering begins on July 16, $YIELD & $USDY launching on July 18 via PancakeSwap. Want early access to $YIELD? Go to: https://buy.yieldtopia.finance/

What Is YieldTopia?

YieldTopia is working to create a a holistic ecosystem that embraces all the modern decentralized features and assets. With the YieldTopia ecosystem, users can earn an amazing APY, trade NFTs, and a lot more.

Previous platforms created potential. Much like Ethereum, which created the ability for crypto devs to create smart contracts and NFTs, the platforms that exist today were made to spur innovation.

Now that we know what the decentralized community wants, YieldTopia is making all the popular assets and features easy to use. People should have easy access to these systems, and the back-end should work well too.

Take the recent surge in NFTs as an example. When a popular collection of NFTs drops, Ethereum can freeze. While this may be addressed in the future via technical innovation, YieldTopia is here today with a solution.

The YieldTopia EcoSystem

YieldTopia created an ecosystem that works at every level. It is perfect for retail-level users, and is equally powerful for large-scale investors, and devs. It also has its own token, $YIELD. Let’s take a look at all the features and options that the YieldTopia ecosystem has.

$YIELD Token

$YIELD is the native token that is used within the whole ecosystem. Therefore, all of YieldTopia’s utilities are focused on benefiting $YIELD and who holds the token. The token is used to participate in staking, and farming pools, and generate the high deflationary APY rewards given in $YIELD.

In addition, $YIELD also can be used for lending and borrowing, DAO voting, providing liquidity, and swapping between popular cryptocurrencies. Investors will be able to earn a portion of YieldTopia’s profits simply for holding $YIELD.