Will Polygon’s Move With The Web3.0 Take The Protocol To Rock Bottom In 2022?

2 min readDec 26, 2021

The crypto market has been witnessing a steady shift in trend, as numerous capable protocols have been surfacing in prominence. Folks from the industry have been welcoming the diverse offerings of the crypto space, from layer-2 protocols to NFTs, metaverse, gaming, amongst others. Several projects have been flipping mainstream projects with impressive numbers and statistics.

Polygon has always been under the radar of traders, hodlers, and savvies in the industry. The protocol has been sprawling at an impeccable rate, which has been astonishing for the crypto-verse. The metrics of the network have been soaring higher despite the shortcomings. One of the major updates for the protocol comes from the deal betwixt Polygon and Opera browsers.

Polygon’s Growing Dominance In Adoption

Polygon has been the shark of the tank, as the network has been receiving overwhelming adoptions. In one of the recent updates, Polygon signs a deal with an internet browser Opera. The initiative would see Opera integrating the Polygon in their browser, which is ready for Web 3.0. And it’s built in a crypto wallet on Android in the first quarter of 2022.

The initiative will help Opera’s users get access to over 3,000 dApps on the Polygon network. Moreover, the move could also onboard millions of new users to Polygon. The exposure would be of immense importance for Polygon. In addition, “Santa” a web 3.0 browser rides the sleigh to Polygon.

Polygon has some exciting news for sports enthusiasts as well. NBA champion Stephen Curry has released the NFTs of his sneakers. The NFTs are built on Polygon’s network and are brought in association with Under Armour. In addition, the monthly Polygon NFTs sold on OpenSea reached a new record high in December with 1.3 Million units being sold.

Collectively the Polygon network has been witnessing a steady increase in new creators, new developers, and engagement with new contracts. Which is despite the pricier gas cost that did hamper the transaction count. The count of developers has been growing in parallel with the activity around contracts. Hopefully, the initiative with opera stimulates the metrics similar to the one experienced with Uniswap.