World’s First NFO, they even introduced the word NFO. Featuring Albert Einstein.

Art, technology, and the latest manufacturing processes combined.

This Albert Einstein Coin will be produced in exotic metals like Steel, titanium, and real 18k gold.
If you want to see other personalities to be made in the coin series let us know. The coin series will be limited production and will have unique characteristics. The NFT and NFO will be sold together and a barcode pointing to the nft smart contract will be embedded in the coin itself to make it a NFO (non-fungible object).

But what are Metaliums:

The Metaliums are customizable collectibles bot-like coins living in the physical and digital world. What makes this project stand out is that, unlike other NFT projects, the Metaliums project does not capitalize on rarity only to boost its value but also provides collectors, investors, and partners physical 3d parts
(NFO- Nonfungible object) and 3d objects in the metaverse space as well.

Metaliums’s team uses the best equipment to print its NFO (non-fungible objects) in multicolor polymers and some (NFO) objects will also be printed in exotic metals
like stainless steel, brass, titanium, and even real 18k gold.

Digital Art, technology, and the latest manufacturing process combined.

Some expert predicts that NFT will have more value than regular cryptocurrencies.
what about NFT and NFO together?

Metliums team announce it will launch soon. To be included in the whitelist you need to do 2 of the steps below:

- Follow us and like us on

- Follow us on

- Follow us on

- Join us on our discord server then send me a message “add me to the whitelist”

Please support by sharing this post. Also, support us on and on

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