Zara Launches Its First Collection in the Metaverse

Zara Launches Its First Collection in the Metaverse

The fashion chain has thus ventured into the metaverse, launching a clothing collection for humans and avatars.

The models are available through the metaverse of South Korean tech company ‘ZEPETO.’

Zara, the Spanish global fashion giant, has launched its first collection of designs for humans and avatars, it announced on Tuesday, December 8th. The physical and virtual models can be purchased in the chain’s stores anywhere in the world.

Through its Twitter account, Zara revealed that the designs for its new collection were made in collaboration with Ader Error, one of the largest clothing brands in South Korea.

The joint release of the AZ Collection promises to be one of the most talked about events in the metaverse industry. The models are inspired by current fashion, according to representatives of the Spanish chain.

Through the ADERERRORXZARA virtual store, hosted on the ZEPETO platform, all the pieces from the innovative collection are now available. The site states that “you can buy virtual clothing and makeup for your avatar.”

The famous Spanish chain with more than 7,000 stores around the world, takes its first step into Web 3.0. The virtual store already has 50,000 users interested in the collection.

ZEPETO’s choice to launch Zara’s new virtual fashion collection is not by chance. The platform is am extremely popular metaverse, with over 200 million users and high growth through the last year.

On the ZEPETO virtual platform, users can not only create their own versions of themselves, but also live in a totally digital world. The app, which is available on the App Store and Good Play, allows metaverse enthusiasts to create avatars simply by taking a selfie.

The designs of Zara’s new virtual collection reflect the lifestyle of people “whose personalities are shaped by their simultaneous experiences in the real and virtual worlds,” the brand wrote on its website.

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