Zilliqa Joins Forces with Token||Traxx, Brings NFTs to Millions of Music Lovers

Public blockchain Zilliqa has secured a $1.1 million partnership with NFT music platform Token||Traxx, with the goal of making the music industry more equitable and rewarding.

The high-performance network, which is committed to being carbon-neutral by 2022, aims to position itself at the center of the music creator economy by leveraging blockchain and NFTs to incentivize artists and satisfy fans. The partnership is not Zilliqa’s first foray into NFTs; the protocol powers platforms like Mintable, Unicutes, play-to-earn platform DeMons — to name a few.

By tokenizing the music creation process, Zilliqa’s new partner will open up exciting engagement opportunities which includes the evolution of royalty payments, rights ownership and playlists, elements found on Spotify and Apple Music but now turbocharged through distributed ledger technology. Token||Traxx is helmed by award-winning producer TommyD and former Warner Music chairman Miles Leonard.

“With Token||Traxx, we’ve got a powerhouse of a team that draws expertise from music and entertainment, technology and business,”

said Zilliqa CEO Dr. Ben Livshits.

“Together, I believe we’re capable of making the music industry more rewarding for everyone by leveraging the benefits of blockchain.”

The terms of the new partnership include a combined injection of $1.1m

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Source: #Dailycoincom
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